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The energy of Fayfest has been in force in and around Melbourne for two decades. Many years of experience in personalized service for people of all ages has brought Faysfest to its current state of excellence.

Faysfest wishes you all a great seasons holiday
and will see you all in 2017

Soiree Evening
Dinners for Sixties
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Are you 40's+
Meet new and old friends on a regular basis in convivial surrounds in Melbournes bayside area.

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Are you 60's+
Join our NEW 60's Dinner Club. Great time, Great food, Great people. Sexagenarians have all the fun.

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With a kaleidoscope of events Faysfest has showcased:

  • Singles Events • Clubs
  • New Age Crafts and Skills • Inspirational Workshops
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